Friday, February 12, 2010

Pet gifts for Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day nears, do tender thoughts swing first to your beloved pet If so, don’t feel guilty because some readers confess their hearts belong to their pets rather than Daddy. Why? Because, unlike fallible humans, our pets lavish us with that infamous "unconditional love" — assuming that we shower them with our love on a regular basis.

Some pet businesses are showing they too have big hearts by actively advocating pet adoptions and providing fun ways to show the love on Valentine’s Day and beyond. VIDEO CONTEST It’s not too late to submit a one-minute video in the "Share your Pet Love" contest by Good News for Pets.

The panel of judges includes Lee-Ann Germinder, editor and publisher of Good News, and this columnist. Winners will be announced in the Feb. 25, column, which will also feature a wrap-up of Westminster Kennel Club’s Dog Show.


PetSmart Charities opens its heart during National Adoption Weekend, which overlaps with Valentine’s Day. Joined by Hills Science Brand dog food, the two corporations are sponsoring "Second Chance for Love," an adoption event to be held in PetSmart stores tomorrow through Sunday. Every PetSmart in-store adoption center will have pets available for adoption.

"This is the perfect opportunity to give homeless animals the second chances they deserve," says Susana Della Maddalena, executive director of PetSmart Charities.

Those who adopt during the event will receive free samples from Hills and PetSmart. Susan Harrison, Hills’ president, promises a corporate donation of $400,000 during 2010 to support pet adoptions.

To find the nearest PetSmart adoption center, check


Another adoption option is a cuddly bunny. The House Rabbit Society has teamed with to encourage adoptions during "Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month." Mary Cotter, marketing director of HRS, suggests adopting a pair to erase the guilt of leaving a single bunny home alone while you’re at work. "Adopting a partner bunny is not only good for your bunny, it’s good for you," she promises.

HRS volunteers pride themselves on pairing rabbits compatibly. When a match works — and we’re talking about spayed and neutered bunnies or you’d wind up with hundreds of the hoppers — they advise that bunnies are good at sharing food, water, living quarters and even a litter box. They also enjoy grooming each other. Remember that rabbits are delicate creatures that must be handled gently, thus not ideal for toddlers.


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