Monday, June 27, 2011

Who To Get To Help With Your Horse Care

Horses need care 365 days a year. This is a massive commitment for anyone and during the normal course of everyday living, isn't always achievable. Nearly all of us have holidays whether its 1 day or 2 weeks, we are all susceptible to becoming ill or having an injury and we also have a life around our horses, be it work, family or friends. This means at some point we are going to need help from someone in caring for our horses.

You could ask for help from friends, family or other horse owners but what happens if something goes wrong. Is your family member aware of the subtle signs of colic and what happens if your friend becomes ill or tied up at work and can't make it to your horse? Who will cover the vets bill or insurance excess if your horse is injured while in the care of someone else? Because our horses are so important to us these ‘what if's' could leave even the best of relationships frayed. So why risk it?

Rather than putting the big responsibility of your horse onto a friend and risking a friendship, why not consider using a professional horse care company or person to care for your horse. This way no friendships are risked, your horse will always be cared for when you require and should anything go wrong there is sufficient insurance in place.

Using an outside person to care for you horse is a concern to most horse or yard owners as you don't know who you are employing, their experience, if they are competent, trustworthy or even if they are going to turn up at all. All of these concerns are justified and thorough checks should be carried out before employing anyone to care for your horses.

Employing a groom
Using a professional horse sitting or freelance groom company rather than an individual person can help eliminate these concerns. A professional horse care company who bases it reputation on competent and reliable grooms cannot afford to send grooms who are not capable of the duties required by the horse owner. Therefore the company will already have done most of the checks you should carry out before employing a groom. It is still advisable you ask the individual groom for references from previous clients.

A professional horse care company will be able to assist larger equestrian yards such as riding schools or livery yards as well as private or professional hunt, polo, dressage yards etc. If your usual yard staff or groom is on holiday, ill or even if you're looking for temporary or a long-term regular groom using a professional horse care company will take away a lot of the time and resources you spend on advertising and interviewing.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dog Care Basics

The opportunity to care for a pet makes for a very fulfilling activity and can bring about plenty of fond memories. A pet is a companion that is able to listen unflinchingly, brings joy when you're feeling down, and provides a great degree of loyalty all throughout its life. No wonder pets have always been one of the perfect means of reducing stress levels among people.

Dogs and cats have always been on the top of the list of favorites among people of all ages. This discussion is focusing on dogs and the correct means of dog care. Dogs share a pack mentality with a strong bond for its owner. The dog has been labeled as man's best friend. This is due to the fact that dogs have consistently shown a great, and sometimes sacrificial, form of loyalty for their owners putting to shame even fellow human beings. Proper care and plenty of love will ensure a happy environment for the dog and the family.

Dog care begins while the dog is still a puppy. Making the decision to care for a puppy is a big responsibility. Dog owners are expected to raise their dogs with the right love and care so as to instill good and desirable traits. It is totally unacceptable to be negligent just because of a lack of interest. Too many sad stories of abandoned dogs have already been going around.

A puppy is given proper dog care by teaching it to know who the family members are and house training. Positive reinforcement plays an integral role in instilling discipline and proper dog care. Harsh methods only make things worse and do little in teaching pups to be well-behaved.

Feeding is a very crucial element of dog care. Feeding times should be kept as constant as possible. Since a puppy is in the growing stage, proper nutrition is extremely important. Feeding times slowly get reduced as the puppy grows older. Clean water should always be readily available at all times.

Puppies will inevitably cause accidents with their droppings. Potty training will serve to teach the pup where to properly relieve itself as long as it is done properly. It is this aspect of pet care that some people actually find very tedious yet this is part of the responsibility in dog care. A dog cannot be expected to pick up afterward after all.

If possible, avoid the use of spanking as a means of discipline. Dogs want to win your approval and desire nothing but to please so be patient when they make mistakes. A firm "No" is enough to keep the dog in check. Rewarding of good behavior will hasten the dog's learning so be consistent with this as well.

Dog care is very much similar to raising a human baby. Proper instruction and love will let a dog grow up as a loving member of the family. A faithful dog is able to give much of itself without expecting anything but your approval.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pet Care Tips: Where Are Dogs Allowed?

Pet Care Tips: Where Are Dogs Allowed?When taking pups out for a walk, most people assume that they must drag their furry friends along the same tired path every day, as if routine were somehow required. While people often appreciate a steady routine, no one likes monotony, least of all the tenacious and curious mind of a household pet. Trainers are now recommending that you introduce your dog to new people and places to encourage comfort with strangers as well as stave off boredom. One way of introducing your dog to new environments, and give them a coveted car ride, is to bring them along while running errands and shopping.

This is, of course, easier said than done. If you thought it was difficult having kids along at the salon or drugstore, pets would be murder, right? Not necessarily. Pet owners everywhere are finding that, more often than not, stores are welcoming leashed pups with open arms. In the twenty first century, you don’t have to be a guide dog to enjoy a day at the mall or night on the town.

Stores like Petsmart and Petco have, of course, always enjoyed pets of all kinds roaming down their well-stocked aisles. But where else might a dog or cat stray? While Home Depot was once pet friendly, rules have changed, banning pets of all shapes and sizes. Chains like Starbucks and most restaurants won’t allow pets due to sanitary and health reasons, so a good rule of thumb is to never expect any establishment that serves food to accommodate your beloved pet.

There are, however, several pet-friendly chains. Barnes and Noble booksellers, for instance, welcomes dogs, despite animal illiteracy rates. Anthropologie, Bebe, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Foot Locker, and Gap (in certain metropolitan areas) all allow dogs to help their caretakers select the most aerodynamic pair of running shoes or flattering dress. Crate and Barrel allows polite pups to shop, as does the Pottery Barn.

Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Seventh Street’s Tiffany’s welcomes diamond-minded dogs to stop in for a shiny treat. And Bergdorf Goodman’s and Polo Ralph Lauren invite canines to accompany their humans for a delightful afternoon stroll through bags and blouse galore.

There are plenty of stores, chain and otherwise, that don’t mind a well-behaved dog trotting down their aisles. The important thing for pet owners who don’t want to leave canine friends behind is to call ahead and make sure that their dog is welcome in a store. Global Animal also encourages caretakers to be considerate—while an individual employee may enjoy your dog, it’s not nice to expect your local cafĂ© to embrace the sanitary and safety risks that come with allowing animals on the premises.

Dogs are highly intelligent and friendly creatures. Along with love and affection, they need a change of scenery every now and then. Having your dog tag along on short trips will give him the experience he’ll need to stay happy and healthy.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to take care of pet Horse

How to take care of pet HorseIf you have decided to purchase a new horse then you must know that taming a horse require a great deal of responsibilities. Like other pets, horses require proper care and attention. If you are a beginner then you need to take a great care for a horse. So for beginners some effective horse care tips will help you them to keep their pet horse strong and active. Some of the basic horse care tips are mentioned below that will help you in keeping pet horse healthy.

Basic horse care tips: 1. Pet horse barns: it is important for horse owner to provide comfortable and safe barns to his horse in order to make him feel comfortable. Make sure that the barn you build for your horse is comfortable as horse have to spend his whole day there. The barn should be large enough in size so that your horse can relax and clam there. Horse barns can be constructed in several ways but it wholly depends on the ability and interest of the owner to construct and maintain it. You can also provide bedding in the barn so that you can rest. You will amaze to see that proper rest to horse can work wonders for your horse. It is important for horse owners to clean the horse barns regularly in order to prevent your pet form getting ill.

2. Pet horse feed: The amount of food your horse requires totally depends on following things -size, breed, age, and activity of the pet horse. Generally, a 100 pound of horse needs 2 to 2.2 pounds of food per day. Some of things that you can serve to your pet horse are hay, pasture, Concentrates and Beet pulp pellets. Add wheat germ oil, vegetable oil, alfalfa to your pet horse’s diet as it contains octacosanol which helps to provide strength and stamina to the horse. Make sure that you stick on that diet which works for well for your horse. If you want to make any changes in your pet horse diet than start it slowly as horse needs some time to adopt new food. If the food you serving to your pet is making him ill than consult veterinarian.

3. Maintain horse’s first aid kit: For making your pet horse active and healthy, you need to monitor his activities regularly. Therefore, it is important for horse owner to maintain proper first aid kit for his horse. At times Veterinarians reside far away from your place or you are unable to respond to a call right away, so horse owners must have a basic knowledge to handle a sick horse on their own.

4. Pet horse grooming: It is important for horse owner to groom their horses regularly in order to prevent them from getting ill. You can use scrubber, soap, shampoo and conditioner to groom your horse. Check whether the products suit your horse or not. Just like you, your horse too, needs such products to be fit and fine.

The above mentioned basic horse tips will help you to ensure that your horse is well cared for. The horse owners should regularly take their horse to a veterinarian for regular checkups.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cat Care and Grooming

Cat Care and GroomingMost cats are surLinkely clever of cleaning themselves. Proper cat care and grooming is essential in order to avoid fleas and ticks making their home on your cat. You need to purchase proper cat care and grooming tools in order to make your activity a lot easier and more important. You will need a brush and comb set, scissors and a cat glove. Conserving the hair neat is one way to keep your cat in good condition.

The best way to achieve the desired results is to comb and trim the hair on a regular basis. use a brush with a number of tiny pins for tidying up your cat's coat. For easier brushing, make sure the head is comparatively small. Brushing your cat in the direction of hair growth is the correct process. If you don't do this, you may receive plenty of scratches from your angry cat.

An important part of cat care and grooming is that you have to give them a bath from time to time. Select a shampoo made for cats that will produce a admirable lather. It should also make your cat more agreeable by stopping dry, chafed skin.

Making certain that your cat doesn't get matted, knotty hair is another vital part of cat care. If your cat's hair is long, trim it on a regular basis using proper grooming tools along with a comb. Your cat has delicate skin, so take care not to cut or scratch it by mistake.

Not only will shedding be diminished, but brushing will be less difficult and smoother via the use of cat grooming gloves. Find a pair that can be washed in the machine. You can also use it to get cat hair out of your upholstery and carpet. The difference between a well-groomed, healthy cat and one with tangled, matted hair can be the proper equipment. The tools you use for cat care and grooming should be utilized in a way that makes the experience calm and pleasant for your cat.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Components of Proper Dog Care

The Components of Proper Dog CareDogs have often be referred to as man’s best friend. Dogs should be taken care of just like we take care of our children. Caring for a dog takes a lot of responsibility. To be healthy and free of disease, proper dog care must be applied. Since our dogs are loyal companions, we must provide them with the essentials of proper dog care.

They need to be provided with water, healthy food, exercise and we shouldn’t forget veterinary checkups and their vaccinations. Dog owners who need more information on proper dog care and tips for having a happy and healthy dog, books on dog care offer a lot of great information for maintaining our dog’s health. The owners themselves need to show their dogs how much they care, just as our dogs offer unconditional love to us.

Daily Dog Care Needs: Food and water are the most obvious everyday need. The dog food the owners feed their dog should be high in protein. Natural dog food is the best choice. Regular bathing and grooming helps to keep them free of fleas and ticks. To keep them smelling fresh, they should be bathed weekly. Dog grooming is a bonding experience between the dog and his or her owner, plus this also emphasizes the owner’s authority over the dog. The grooming and hair brushing helps to relax your dog, and they enjoy it much like petting. Don’t brush too fast; Slow steady strokes are best.

Vitamins are also an important part of dog care. For shin ailments, vitamin E can help cure them. Vitamin E oil applied to the skin can help relieve dry skin. Natural and conventional ways of giving proper dog care can save the owner money. Yogurt contains acidophiles, which is good for your dog just like it is to humans. However, their are some factors that can be harmful to pets, so you should consult with your veterinarian before doing so.

Supplies For Dog Care: Provisions for dog care are classified as basic, pampering and functional. Fundamental dog care supplies are comprised of leashes,grooming kits, a bed or sleeping pad, a dog house or kennel and especially food. Doors, fences and gates are not only practical, but functional as well. Toys, massage oils and treats make up a pampering kit for your dog.

A dog bed or sleeping pad is an essential basic supply, as it helps to keep the dog’s bones healthy and strong. Some pet stores carry supplies such as training equipment and can make it easier for your dog to follow. Some dog available collars are made to punish dogs if their behavior is inappropriate.
Kennels come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. When choosing one for your dog, choose one that is spacious enough so your dog can move around. Grooming kits are also available in a variety of options as well. Some of the included products are nail clippers, shampoos, combs, brushes, and conditioners. Supplies for good hygiene are available as well for the best dog care the owner can give.

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