Thursday, April 8, 2010

Denise backs pet memorial

AGONY aunt Denise Robertson today backed a new scheme to help owners grieve over the loss of a family pet. Sunderland's own This Morning star has reassured animal lovers that it is normal and healthy to want to be close to, or create a lasting reminder of a pet loved and lost.

Such was the depth of feeling shown in a new study that veterinary charity PDSA has created a paw-shaped garden, where up to 2,000 personalised tribute tags can be displayed and personal tributes can be viewed online.

Denise, who has three rescue dogs Max, Tess and Primmie, said: "Pets come into our lives and become part of the family, which makes their death so difficult to accept.

"Having a lasting reminder of a pet can be a huge comfort and a way of keeping good memories alive. In some way that loving companion is still alongside you every day."

Gill White, who manages requests for PDSA's Paws Forever Pet Tribute Tags, said: "Losing a pet can be as heartbreaking as losing a friend or relative.

"It's no surprise that the way they choose to remember that animal is so special."

A study by the organisation showed that ornate memorials, urns, photographs and rose bushes were among the most popular ways for people to remember their dead pets.

The survey of 472 pet owners has revealed the many wonderful ways pet lovers choose to immortalise a deceased furred or feathered companion.

Of those surveyed, 27 per cent said they planted a rose bush in the garden usually on their pet's favourite sleeping spot, 15 per cent displayed a photograph of the animal in their home, while 12 per cent said a plaque or headstone bearing a personal inscription was the way they wanted their pet to be remembered.


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