Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buckle up your pet for everyone's safety

you are absolutely right about the danger of distraction to drivers from allowing pets to sit on their laps. Ontario's law on traffic distractions such as using cellphones should be amended to regulate motorists who let their dogs or any pet sit on their lap, or to roam freely in a moving vehicle.

I also saw a female driver in Orléans, smoking, with little 'Muffy' on her lap hanging out her side of the window. The driver could not safely operate her vehicle with the dog in that position. If I have to take my boxer, Trixie, in the car, I make sure she is wearing a proper pet harness/seatbelt for animals. She is tethered safely in the passenger seat.

I use the Bamboo harness which has a universal seatbelt connector. While mine was bought in the United States, similar devices are available at any reputable pet store in Canada. Humane societies recommend using one in a vehicle.

Being a snowbird in Florida, this practice of having the dog on laps is rampant while driving. It is enough to survive the elderly driver there, but this distraction?

Go search on the Internet and type in "accidents caused by driving with dogs." It is disgraceful the accidents and fatalities caused by this practice

Then if you're really concerned, contact the MPP in your riding and ask him or her to do something about changing the Ontario law on traffic distractions.

If you see a lady driving a white Miata with a boxer sitting in the passenger seat (it's a two-seater), rest assured, Trixie is wearing her seatbelt.


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