Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Travel with Pets

Holiday Travel with PetsWith the holiday season on our doorstep, many people are already in the process of making travel plans to visit family and friends. Some folks are eager to get away, in search of a warmer climate, or perhaps even to a fancy winter wonderland, for that much needed vacation. But what are those pet pawrents doing who cannot bear the thought of traveling without their beloved fur companions, leaving them at a boarding facility or at home with a pet-sitter.

So I found it fascinating to read a survey recently, done by, (the leading pet travel and transportation service provider) of more than 7,000 pet owners worldwide. In their first annual survey, Pet Relocation found that sixty-three percent of pet owners say that during the holidays they travel at least 50 miles with their pets. Additionally, 85 percent of the respondents said that the distance they are willing to travel over the holidays is greatly influenced by their pets, but a greater number of pet owners (57 percent) said that their travel plans are not influenced at all.

It was no surprise to me that dogs were significantly in the majority of the pets folks plan to take with them on holiday. And while both species are considered as family members, since most cats are prone to greater travel-related stress than their canine cousins, this may account for this finding. 71 percent of folks traveling with their pets during the holidays choose to remain in their home state during the holidays, while 28 percent plan to be traveling out of state.

During the holiday season, 45 percent of pet owners surveyed spend between $50-$100 on pet-related products and services with an 85 percent majority taking holiday trips with their pets for a week or less. The remainder of pet owners traveling with pets responded their trips can stretch out for two weeks. What arrangements are you making to travel with your pets over the holiday season? Leave a comment and share them with us.


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