Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trap costs dog a leg (Video)

Laila, a boxer-mix, loves to chase squirrels and rabbits. Her owner expects the dog will be back on the trail before long, even though she had a leg amputated Monday after getting caught in an illegal steel wildlife trap.

“It will slow her down for a couple weeks,'' said Fred Frasure. “I'm sure she'll be back at it soon enough.”The Nebraska Humane Society received a call Monday about an injured dog near 84th Street and the Papillion Parkway. Human Society officers spotted Laila running near the Papillion Creek with trap still attached to her leg. Officers captured Laila, removed the trap and contacted her owners.

Mark Langan, spokesman for the Humane Society, said dogs that lose a leg often can get around just fine with three legs. Layla had been missing since Oct. 26, and Frasure had made numerous attempts to find her.

Frasure said Laila got loose after he put her in the fenced backyard at his home. The fence's gate may not have been latched all the way, he said. Langan said that setting traps like the one that caught Laila is illegal in the city limits. He said it's rare for a pet to get caught in one of the traps. Langan said he's concerned that there may be more of the traps set near the creek. The traps also would be dangerous for people, particularly children, he said.


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