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How to take care of pet Horse

How to take care of pet HorseIf you have decided to purchase a new horse then you must know that taming a horse require a great deal of responsibilities. Like other pets, horses require proper care and attention. If you are a beginner then you need to take a great care for a horse. So for beginners some effective horse care tips will help you them to keep their pet horse strong and active. Some of the basic horse care tips are mentioned below that will help you in keeping pet horse healthy.

Basic horse care tips: 1. Pet horse barns: it is important for horse owner to provide comfortable and safe barns to his horse in order to make him feel comfortable. Make sure that the barn you build for your horse is comfortable as horse have to spend his whole day there. The barn should be large enough in size so that your horse can relax and clam there. Horse barns can be constructed in several ways but it wholly depends on the ability and interest of the owner to construct and maintain it. You can also provide bedding in the barn so that you can rest. You will amaze to see that proper rest to horse can work wonders for your horse. It is important for horse owners to clean the horse barns regularly in order to prevent your pet form getting ill.

2. Pet horse feed: The amount of food your horse requires totally depends on following things -size, breed, age, and activity of the pet horse. Generally, a 100 pound of horse needs 2 to 2.2 pounds of food per day. Some of things that you can serve to your pet horse are hay, pasture, Concentrates and Beet pulp pellets. Add wheat germ oil, vegetable oil, alfalfa to your pet horse’s diet as it contains octacosanol which helps to provide strength and stamina to the horse. Make sure that you stick on that diet which works for well for your horse. If you want to make any changes in your pet horse diet than start it slowly as horse needs some time to adopt new food. If the food you serving to your pet is making him ill than consult veterinarian.

3. Maintain horse’s first aid kit: For making your pet horse active and healthy, you need to monitor his activities regularly. Therefore, it is important for horse owner to maintain proper first aid kit for his horse. At times Veterinarians reside far away from your place or you are unable to respond to a call right away, so horse owners must have a basic knowledge to handle a sick horse on their own.

4. Pet horse grooming: It is important for horse owner to groom their horses regularly in order to prevent them from getting ill. You can use scrubber, soap, shampoo and conditioner to groom your horse. Check whether the products suit your horse or not. Just like you, your horse too, needs such products to be fit and fine.

The above mentioned basic horse tips will help you to ensure that your horse is well cared for. The horse owners should regularly take their horse to a veterinarian for regular checkups.


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