Monday, June 27, 2011

Who To Get To Help With Your Horse Care

Horses need care 365 days a year. This is a massive commitment for anyone and during the normal course of everyday living, isn't always achievable. Nearly all of us have holidays whether its 1 day or 2 weeks, we are all susceptible to becoming ill or having an injury and we also have a life around our horses, be it work, family or friends. This means at some point we are going to need help from someone in caring for our horses.

You could ask for help from friends, family or other horse owners but what happens if something goes wrong. Is your family member aware of the subtle signs of colic and what happens if your friend becomes ill or tied up at work and can't make it to your horse? Who will cover the vets bill or insurance excess if your horse is injured while in the care of someone else? Because our horses are so important to us these ‘what if's' could leave even the best of relationships frayed. So why risk it?

Rather than putting the big responsibility of your horse onto a friend and risking a friendship, why not consider using a professional horse care company or person to care for your horse. This way no friendships are risked, your horse will always be cared for when you require and should anything go wrong there is sufficient insurance in place.

Using an outside person to care for you horse is a concern to most horse or yard owners as you don't know who you are employing, their experience, if they are competent, trustworthy or even if they are going to turn up at all. All of these concerns are justified and thorough checks should be carried out before employing anyone to care for your horses.

Employing a groom
Using a professional horse sitting or freelance groom company rather than an individual person can help eliminate these concerns. A professional horse care company who bases it reputation on competent and reliable grooms cannot afford to send grooms who are not capable of the duties required by the horse owner. Therefore the company will already have done most of the checks you should carry out before employing a groom. It is still advisable you ask the individual groom for references from previous clients.

A professional horse care company will be able to assist larger equestrian yards such as riding schools or livery yards as well as private or professional hunt, polo, dressage yards etc. If your usual yard staff or groom is on holiday, ill or even if you're looking for temporary or a long-term regular groom using a professional horse care company will take away a lot of the time and resources you spend on advertising and interviewing.


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