Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are You Prepared For A Pet Miniature Donkey?

While a lot of people would love to have a miniature donkey as a pet, not everyone should have one. The fact is they are not as easy as they seem. Yes, they are docile and loving creatures, but they do require a lot of care.

First, you have to understand that one miniature donkey is not going to do too well on their own. They are a breed of animal that does better in a herd. What this means is that if you are going to adopt one, you should adopt two, so they have a companion.

Even though the donkey is small, it does require a lot of room to run, play, and exercise. Not having ample room can lead to an obesity problem, shortening the life of the animal. If you do not have the adequate room available, do not get one as a pet.

You also have to consider the cost of caring for this animal. Like a horse, they will need regular check ups and vaccinations, as well as constant foot maintenance. Unless you are prepared to spend the money on its care, you should abstain from getting one as a pet.

Last, you have to think about the environment. Donkeys do not like dogs and, if there are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood or you have some of your own, you will find the donkeys will always be stressed.

Even though the miniature donkey is a loving creature that is playful and makes a wonderful pet, they are not for everyone. Before you go out and make a commitment, be sure you have the proper knowledge to care for one, as well as the finances.


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