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Dog care facility opens

As the end of December approaches, some people may be heading out of town for the holiday season. While making sure that every family member is safe, secure and jolly throughout Christmas, one member may tend to be forgotten. Dave Carr and Paula Russello have that special member in mind. Carr and Russello are owners and head trainers at Complete Canine, a 9,500 square-foot dog care facility that provides a dog day care, boarding, private training, grooming and pet portraits. Their goal is to provide dogs with a relaxing, stress-free environment.

The state of the art facility, newly opened on Dec. 1, is located at 6746 Martin St. in Rome. The building houses a reception area, indoor and outdoor play area and kennel. This may sound like a typical canine kennel but the philosophy that Carr and Russello have instituted at Complete Canine is what stands out in the dog-eat-dog world of canine care.

"We believe in training dogs with structure," says Russello.

"We run a very regimented program. We teach dogs leadership skills, stress socialization with other dogs and animals and we also conduct in home behavior modification that focuses on home problems such as playing too rough, barking, etc."

This, combined with approximately 15 years of experience and life-long passions for dogs, explains why Complete Canine has garnered attention.

Russello and Carr both dreamed of creating this haven for dogs back when they started Complete Canine in 2006. Training out of their backyard, the two planned for a move into an actual facility that featured an indoor area. After a year of preparations, they decided on the Martin Street location. Russello, a self-proclaimed "germophobe," took over from there.

"Being a mother and dog owner myself I wanted a place that would be safe and clean for dog and child alike," Russello says. "The material that covers the ground and up the walls of this facility is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. The dog's waste is immediately cleaned up whether playing or in the kennel area. If I find any sign of waste, dirt, etc. left unattended, someone is going to be in trouble. That is how serious I am."

Dogs and their owners are pleased and impressed at the setup and protocol of the indoor play area. The room is divided into two sections. A little dog area that can fit 25 dogs and a big dog area that can maintain up to 50 dogs comfortably. The room is replete with innocuous toys and obstacles that allow the dog to let loose while still remaining safe. The dog toys are rubber and hard in order to maintain the anti-bacterial environment that Russello strives for. The outdoor play area, just outside of the indoor area, is concrete as opposed to grass in order to make it more difficult for the dogs to contract any bacteria or viruses.

The kennel section contains dozens of custom-built boarding cells that provide a dog of any size the space to sleep and relax comfortably. Privacy is stressed and exhibited by the fact that each cell is walled on three sides with a gate that deters the dog from feeling boxed in. Above each cell is a panel hung down from the ceiling. These panels are designed to absorb sound, such as the echoing bark of a dog, to relieve the dogs of unneeded stress. When asked why the couple has gone to such lengths to cater to the animals, Russello has flashbacks.



Great job Dave and Paula. It is wonderful you went and made your dreams a reality. I hope you will list your dog boarding kennel on, where pet owners can leave reviews, and promote your business.


Paula and Dave, let's all hope that the allegations of animal abuse and dog fighting at Complete Canine are nothing but rumors at your new facility. Many of your employees have left because of these horrible acts they witnessed. You should know better than to pay people under the table and not file proper taxes. Now that it is in the hands of the New York State Troopers, I'm sure the truth will be brought in the open.


And to pet lovers, just a further FYI, do your homework before trusting these individuals. Niether of them have completed thier dog training certifications and have MANY problems with the law. Child abuse, pet abuse, fraud...etc. Please, if you love yourdogs you would not subject them to CompleteCanine and the sham it was built on.


As a client of Complete Canine and a retired Law Enforcement Officer, I can tell you that I did my homework and found that this business far surpasses any other out there. These people have a long good standing reputation with the public,Rescue groups and Shelters.I saw an Employee stealing and mistreating a dog during the owners absence and brought it to their attention.Complete Canine no longer employs this person.(which is most likely where all this garbage is coming from) Complete Canine sets high standards and expect that their employees uphold these standards at all times. I'm also aware that they have many competitors who are incapable of drumming up business on their own, so they feel they have to ruin these people's reputation in an effort to regain their spot light. ( I also did my homework on them, and found their websites extremely non professional)I APPLAUD Complete Canine for their professionalism in this industry not only with the dogs, but with their owners and even their competitors.YOUR actions,or lack their of, speak a thousand times louder, than those of your bitter halves. If you love you dogs THIS IS the BEST place they could be. Listen to your friends,check out their place for yourselves and talk to the owners. You'll see for yourselves, that this, is non sense.


Ha, sounds like that former stripper from Buffalo Paula Russello running her mouth again. Can you believe she also claimed to be a cancer patient in order to gain pity froma dog trainer to teach her in 2005. She claims to have been in the dog business since 1999. Anyone who continues to bring their dog here, shame on you!


Former Law Enforcement? Are you kidding me? You write like you have a third grade education. From what I see, you must go back to school for investigations. These two idiots have no clue in this business. To them, money is everything. Dave Carr is a person who treats women like dirt just ask his ex- wife. As for Paula, you are a joke. You try to gain sympathy from people by your pathetic lies. If you saw employees stealing you idiot, it would have been reported and arrest would have been made. Also it's not just one employee who quit because of the abuses they witnessed, several have quit. Are you still paying people under the table Paula and Dave? Or have you tried to lie your way out of that too? Do you have compensation insurance now? You didn't before. As far as other people in the business and their web sites, it's about time they stood up and let people know what you two are really like. Kudos to them. You may think it's unprofessional but I give them credit. If what people are saying is false, then it will come out in the end. If not, God help you when your behind bars.


What really surprises me is that a former Police Officer would come on this forum and make a ridiculous comment such as this and not leave his name. If you were truly in Law Enforcement, please let us know who you are so that we can here your side of this abuse case. I really find it hard to believe that people in this economy would just up and quit a job for no reason. It just doesn't make sense. Also Mr. former Law Enforcer, why would you bring up other people in the business when this is about a kennel in Rome? It's very simple. Let's cut to the chase here and state that you are not a former Police Officer. If you are not one of the persons being accused of the crimes, then you must be a friend who they have manipulated. Anyway, prove me wrong and leave your name.


You better be a former cop or that's impersonating a Law Enforcement officer. Did you know it is a crime to do such a thing? What is your name? Let's check it out


Oh, im sure Paula realizes it is a crime. After all, SHE DOES KNOW EVERYTHING. Or so she thinks.


Well I see that the phony former Police officer did not leave his name. Could the other poster be right that it was one of these individuals who own the kennel? Can you say LIAR????

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