Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pets as presents not recommended

Almost Home Humane Society Executive Director Michelle Warren said giving the gift of a puppy this holiday season is not recommended. "We are on the position of not doing it. Just because the holidays are so stressful, and transition for a pet at that time is not ideal," said Warren.

Warren said the surprise of a new pet is the biggest issue, it means the owner and pet don't have time to figure out if they are compatible. "The actual person that's going to have care of the animal, be responsible for the animal, needs to pick it out. Actually make sure that's what they're looking for. Not all cats are the same, not all dogs are the same," said Warren.

Warren said bringing a pet home as a present for the holidays can be stressful for both the owner and the animal. "A lot of people have, you know company coming over. There are things in the house like Christmas trees and decorations in the house that aren't normally around. transitioning an animal from a shelter, or anywhere, they need the most calm introduction into the family possible," said Warren.

New pets aren't the only ones to worry about during the holidays. Warren said old pets need special attention over the holiday season as well.

"You just want to be very careful with the decorations you have out, the plants that are out. And than feeding off the table also can cause major stomach issues, especially if they're not used to it," said Warren.

Warren encourages people set on giving a pet a home this year to come in to Almost Home Humane Society, and purchase a gift certificate.

For those with pets, the Almost Home Humane Society will hold their holiday open house on Sunday December 12. The event gives pets and owners the opportunity to take photos with Santa.


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