Monday, June 20, 2011

Pet Care Tips: Where Are Dogs Allowed?

Pet Care Tips: Where Are Dogs Allowed?When taking pups out for a walk, most people assume that they must drag their furry friends along the same tired path every day, as if routine were somehow required. While people often appreciate a steady routine, no one likes monotony, least of all the tenacious and curious mind of a household pet. Trainers are now recommending that you introduce your dog to new people and places to encourage comfort with strangers as well as stave off boredom. One way of introducing your dog to new environments, and give them a coveted car ride, is to bring them along while running errands and shopping.

This is, of course, easier said than done. If you thought it was difficult having kids along at the salon or drugstore, pets would be murder, right? Not necessarily. Pet owners everywhere are finding that, more often than not, stores are welcoming leashed pups with open arms. In the twenty first century, you don’t have to be a guide dog to enjoy a day at the mall or night on the town.

Stores like Petsmart and Petco have, of course, always enjoyed pets of all kinds roaming down their well-stocked aisles. But where else might a dog or cat stray? While Home Depot was once pet friendly, rules have changed, banning pets of all shapes and sizes. Chains like Starbucks and most restaurants won’t allow pets due to sanitary and health reasons, so a good rule of thumb is to never expect any establishment that serves food to accommodate your beloved pet.

There are, however, several pet-friendly chains. Barnes and Noble booksellers, for instance, welcomes dogs, despite animal illiteracy rates. Anthropologie, Bebe, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Foot Locker, and Gap (in certain metropolitan areas) all allow dogs to help their caretakers select the most aerodynamic pair of running shoes or flattering dress. Crate and Barrel allows polite pups to shop, as does the Pottery Barn.

Fifth Avenue and Fifty-Seventh Street’s Tiffany’s welcomes diamond-minded dogs to stop in for a shiny treat. And Bergdorf Goodman’s and Polo Ralph Lauren invite canines to accompany their humans for a delightful afternoon stroll through bags and blouse galore.

There are plenty of stores, chain and otherwise, that don’t mind a well-behaved dog trotting down their aisles. The important thing for pet owners who don’t want to leave canine friends behind is to call ahead and make sure that their dog is welcome in a store. Global Animal also encourages caretakers to be considerate—while an individual employee may enjoy your dog, it’s not nice to expect your local cafĂ© to embrace the sanitary and safety risks that come with allowing animals on the premises.

Dogs are highly intelligent and friendly creatures. Along with love and affection, they need a change of scenery every now and then. Having your dog tag along on short trips will give him the experience he’ll need to stay happy and healthy.



each countries have their own rules..where dogs are allowed and where not..
i read about the "Wellington Point Reserve" that
at Wellington Point "Dogs are totally prohibited from being brought on to this reserve on weekends and public holidays."..
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